Euler: West Germanic

Wolfram Euler: „Das Westgermanische – von der Herausbildung im 3. bis zur Aufgliederung im 7. Jahrhundert – Analyse und Rekonstruktion“

Wolfram Euler
West Germanic – from the Formation in the 3rd to the Breakup in the 7th Century – Analysis and Reconstruction.
Expanded and improved 2nd edition 2022
Hardcover format 23.3 x 16.4 cm, 268 pages with 5 illustrations and maps, in German
ISBN 978-3-945127-414
49,00 €

With the first edition of this book, the Munich linguist Wolfram Euler has presented in 2013 the first complete account of the West Germanic language. It was – with regional variants and changes over time – the language of the Germanic peoples who lived north and east of the Roman Limes in the third to fifth centuries. It was thus also the language of the Angles and Saxons who settled previously Celtic-Roman Britain in the 5th century and thus first gave rise to England, and it was the language of Frankish Merovingians.

A number of other works have appeared since 2013 on this language of the Migration Period, which has not been directly transmitted but is remarkably accessible. With the new edition of “Das Westgermanische” Euler brings together this research and presents a number of his own considerations for discussion for the first time.

A book not only for experts, but a must-have for anyone interested in the beginnings of the English, German and Dutch languages and in the upheaval period of the 3rd to 7th centuries AD.