About us

The face behind the company

Konrad Badenheuer is an economist, journalist and freelance publicist. He lives in Berlin, doesn’t like to make many words about himself and prefers to let his books and publications do the talking.

“The digitalization of the media landscape has changed everything regarding daily newspapers and television; political discussion now follows different rules. It’s different with books. It remains the number one medium for sophisticated information and entertainment. What’s more, the hectic pace of social media, with its waves of outrage – what we now call “shitstorms” – and the fact that they can be manipulated not only by trolls and bots, make the sophisticated book all the more important.

Part of Inspiration Unlimited’s profile is that its titles are not written for the current day. They should still be worth reading and relevant years later. We apply high standards to the manuscripts offered to us and do not produce ‘books on demand’. That’s not always convenient, but it’s worth it –  especially for our readers.”

Small structures – great performance

The Inspiration Unlimited publishing house focuses on the essentials: The best possible books on topics that are neglected elsewhere. A one-man operation in itself, the Inspiration Unlimited publishing house is backed by a team of typesetters, graphic designers, web designers, printers, as well es sales and advertising partners.

The wider circle of partners includes all those who have contributed to the publishing house’s books with shorter text contributions or by participating in presentations. These include personalities such as Friedrich Merz, Alfred Grosser, Henry Kissinger, August Hanning, Imbi Paju. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Gabriele Kuby, Harald Kujath, Edvard Lucas, Christa Mewes, Klaus Dieter Naumann, Alfons Nossol, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Donald Rumsfeld – to name but a few.

The company

The direct predecessor of today’s publishing house Inspiration Unlimited UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was the publishing house Inspiration Un Limited until February 2022. It was founded in 2007 together with three partners by Konrad Badenheuer. He was the managing director (“Director”) and since 2011 the sole owner of this publishing house, a Limited under English law. As a result of Brexit, the UG of almost the same name took its place from March 2022. Formally, it is not the legal successor of the Limited, but the new company has entered into the rights and obligations of the Limited through individual agreements and operates as its de facto successor.

Our profile

There are mainly three points in which the publishing house Inspiration Unlimited and its publications want to distinguish themselves from other providers and their products:

1. Quality and Originality.

The publishing house aims to produce only a few books, but works of high quality and originality. The publishing house emphasizes full internal and external independence, as it is the prerequisite for full publishing originality.

2. Integrity and Fairness

The publishing house holds itself to high ethical standards above and beyond compliance with legal norms and the rules customary in the industry. This applies to customers, suppliers, the book trade and our authors.

3. Focussing on the Essentials

The Inspiration Unlimited publishing house concentrates on its core business, its structures are minimalist. In this way, books of high quality can be produced cost-effectively. Scientific books in small editions nevertheless have their price.

In the media

The following newspapers and magazines, internet portals and broadcasters have reviewed or reported on our books (the list is incomplete):

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Die Welt – Cicero – Bild – Frankfurter Rundschau – Rheinischer Merkur – Rhein-Zeitung – Märkische Allgemeine – Neues Deutschland – Junge Freiheit – Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung – Hessen Tageblatt – Bayernkurier – Lauterbacher Anzeiger – ideaSpektrum – Die Tagespost – Sezession – eigentümlich frei – Blaue Narzisse – Das Historisch-Politische Buch – IFB-Mitteilungen – ekz-Informationsdienst – Kratylos – Germania (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut) – Wirkendes Wort – GENIUS (Wien) – Die Aula (Graz) – Der Eckart (Wien) – Nachrichten (Chicago) – Zur Zeit (Wien) – Ungarnpanorama – Zeitschrift Menschenrechte – Burschenschaftliche Blätter – Die Baltische Stunde – Mitteilungen aus dem baltischen Leben – Tirol-Press – Preußische Mitteilungen – Neue Zeitschrift für Wehrrecht – Der Fels – Diakrisis – Bekenntnis und Sammlung – Christliches Forum (Münster) – MEDRUM – Theologisches – VOICE Magazin – ACP-Information – Kurier der christlichen Mitte – PUR-Magazin –  Die neue Ordnung – DOD – Sudetendeutsche Zeitung – Brandenburger Rundschau – Komotauer Zeitung – Grafschafter Bote – Preußenland