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Alfred de Zayas
50 Theses on the Expulsion of the Germans from Central and Eastern Europe 1944-1948
72 pages, with 16 pictures and maps
ISBN 978-3-9812110-4-7

The displacement of more than 14 million Germans from Central and Eastern Europe during the years 1944-48 has consequences until today. And yet, it has been almost taboo for more than 65 years. These 50 Theses fill this gap by laying down the facts and explaining the main historical and international law implications.

True Keeper of the Holy Flame – The Legacy of Pentagon Strategist and Mentor Dr Fritz Kraemer

Hubertus Hoffmann 
True Keeper of the Holy Flame – The Legacy of Pentagon Strategist and Mentor Dr Fritz Kraemer
October 2012
Paperback, 384 pages
ISBN 978-3-9812110-5-4
€ 19.90

Read about the fascinating life and thinking of Pentagon Strategist
Dr Fritz G. A. Kraemer. More here and here (Facebook) about this fascinating book.

Konrad Badenheuer
The Sudeten Germans – an Ethnic Group in Europe (4th edition 2021)
4th edition 2021
Softcover in A 4 format (21.0 x 29.7 cm), 148 pages with about 400 illustrations, in German
ISBN 978-3-945127-339
19,90 €

Many do not even know that they ever existed: Almost 3.5 million German speakers lived until 1918 on the territory of today’s Czech Republic, in the border region of Bohemia and Moravia, but many also in the interior, for example in Prague, whose inner city had been German-speaking since the high Middle Ages.

Verschwundene Orte, Wilfried Heller (Hrsg.)

Wilfried Heller (ed.)
Disappeared Places – Forced Resettlements, Resettlements and Disappeared Places in Formerly German Settlement Areas of East Central Europe.
With contributions by David Kovařík, Sandra Kreisslová, Wolf-Dieter Hamperl, Franz Worschech, Krystian Heffner/Agniezka Latochka, Dawid Smolorz, Ulrich Mai, and Yuri Kostyashov
Now in a greatly expanded 2nd edition with sections on Silesia and northern East Prussia (Königsberg [Kaliningrad] region)
Paperback in A 5 format (21 x 14,7 cm), 168 pages, with 64 illustrations including six maps, in German
ISBN: 978-3-945127-230

The expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War had a dramatic, hardly known consequence: far more than 3200 localities have completely disappeared from the map. To this day, no one knows the exact number, as no scientist has yet compiled a complete list of these deserts. Economic and social upheavals and a profound transformation of cultural landscapes are the consequences of the mass demise of formerly German villages.

Alfred de Zayas / Konrad Badenheuer: 80 Thesen zur Vertreibung – Aufarbeiten statt verdrängen

Alfred de Zayas and Konrad Badenheuer
80 Theses on Expulsion – Coming to Terms with the Past instead of Repressing It
Paperback, 216 pages, with 15 illustrations, including three maps, in German
ISBN 978-3-945127-292

One in four Germans has family roots in the vanished, “old” East Germany, i.e. in Silesia, Pomerania, East and West Prussia or the Sudetenland. The forcible uprooting of some 14 million people from these regions after the Second World War is a watershed in German history and has changed the map of Europe. And yet there has been silence about this event. For a long time, the media and school textbooks have reported little about it, and ignorance is the result. Only a small percentage of young people in Germany can even find Silesia, once a thriving German region twice the size of Hesse, on the map.